White Elephant is a 4-piece indie band from the Netherlands. Originating from the Industrial City Oss, the band is bringing a cocktail of post-punk, pop and alternative Rock. Inspired by the catchy guitar lines of Kings of Leon and vocals of Jeff Buckley. The band brings a atmospheric scene to The stage. Drawing inspiration from their own experiences, To tell a personal story recognizable in everybody’s life.




Vincent Schulte – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Didier Smits – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Pim Schouten – Bass
Jesper Hoekstra – Drums & Backing Vocals


As band manager it is my job and responsibility to make sure the band has everything they need to perform to their best capabilities, besides that I also manage the bookings and pre-productions for each show.

Contact: booking@whiteelephant.band

Website: Http://whiteelephant.band